Patents & Awards

The professional path we have followed over time gives us the opportunity to be visionaries and see beyond problems, thus providing effective solutions based on experience and gained know-how.

We feel the pulse of Production and its needs, therefore the solutions we offer are always innovative and satisfy even the highest demands.

All this gives us confidence that our direction is right and gives us the courage to move forward.

Over the years we have developed many machines and devices to support the work in the production of fast moving goods. We have registered patents and rationalizations, we have received awards for the services we offer, etc.

Below are some of them:

  • 2001

    Two of our patents have been awarded with Gold and Silver medals at the 17th World Innovation Salon "INPEX" in Pittsburgh, USA:

  • 2001

    Two Gold medals for the same two patents have been awarded during EURO INTELLECT exhibition.

  • 2010

    We’ve won the prestigious international award GOLD EUROPEAN QUALITY AWARD in Paris – a recognition of proven business success and quality of production and offered services.



What if the time has come for you to change, but you haven't realized it yet?

Dear Partners,

we are pleased to invite you,

to our stand С8 in hall 2, at 


which will be held in Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

3 – 6 Octomber 2023.



With our innovative solutions for automation and robotics

in the food industry, we help:

– Reduction of overhead costs

– Reduction the cost of products

– Reduction the need of a lot of manpower

– Increase productivity

– Optimization of production

– Solution on the waste products during the production of the main product

– Increasing competitiveness

Simple solutions with great efficiency!

Follow the link to register for a free entrance pass. The code at the end of the process is machtech23partners


* With the Personal PDF invitation from us, you are entitled to a one-time free entry, prior registration is required at the link specified in the invitation and the presentation and at the entrance to the exhibition center.